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Westador Civic Association
Board of Directors
P. O. Box 73551, Houston, Texas  77273
Executive Committee
Vonda Carmer President
Simon Lively Vice President
Dru Phelps Treasurer
Director of Enforcement
Kathryn Cox
Deed Restrictions
Architectural Control
Directors of Services and Maintenance
Skip Midcap Security
Tammy Wyatt Waste and Environmental
John Milroy Grounds
Jhon Alzate Clubhouses
Stanley Ragsdale Pools
Brittmy Martinz Communications
Director of Activities
VACANT Social - Community Activities
WCA Board of Directors - Key Activities
Basic Function
All Board members are responsible to the President (or Vice President in the absence of the President) to:
  1. Carry out the activities necessary for the effective governance of WCA. Such activities may be carried out as a Director - At – Large or with special functional activities assigned.
  2. Duties and responsibilities related to on going functional assignments are detailed in separate functional Position Descriptions. (Including President , Vice President / Corporate Secretary and Treasurer)
  3. Directors are responsible for directing the activities of contractors and volunteers as needed.
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Attend all Association formal Board meetings and report the results of her /his activities to the Board or all residents during general meetings.
  2. Present proposals requiring board approval in final format. Proposals should include enough information for voting, with alternative solutions, estimated costs and completion dates. Resident needs and probable acceptance of proposal should be considered.
  3. Keep the entire Board updated on activities in her / his functional area.
  4. Use Email to communicate with the entire Board to assure information important for meeting discussion is available for Board action.
  5.Access Westador.org to personally keep up-to-date about Westador activities and news
  6. Provide Treasurer with expected costs (Capital & Operating) in her / his area of responsibility at the time necessary for preparation of the annual budget.
  7. Recruit, communicate with, and assign volunteers to assist in the completion of her / his activities.
  8. Direct and / or supervise the activities of volunteers and / or contractors serving in her/ his area of responsibility.
  9. Understand WCA by-laws and assist entire Board in application & compliance.
10. Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned