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Amenities / Facilities
The Wesdador subdivision has numerous amenities that have something to offer for everyone.  Our Nanes and Cali clubhouses provide residents with areas to have parties, reunions, and meetings for clubs.  Each clubhouse has a pool and play facilities nearby, offering something for everyone in the family. 
If you are interested in renting the Clubhouses for events:  
Contact the Clubhouse Scheduler at 832-892-1417 for details.
Tennis Courts
Our four tennis courts are located next to the Cali clubhouse and give each resident the opportunity to exercise, sharpen their skills, and engage in a friendly game of with fellow residents.
Our playground equipment gives children a reason to get out and play.
Our two subdivision pools provide summertime enjoyment for adults and children of all ages. The Cali pool offers 25-meter swim lanes for adults seeking acquatic exercise or for children and teens who wish to participate in the Westador/Ponderosa Swim Team.
Westador has not one, but two pools.  One is located at 17101 Nanes; the other at 17715 Cali.  Both pools have Turbo Twister Slides and poolside shade structures.  The slide at Nanes is pictured below.
Please email your information needed (below) to Amy Cotham at thimblewiz@yahoo.com  
Each household will receive 2 passes for the 2021 season. 
Info needed:
- Family (Last) Name
- Address
- Phone number
- Emergency phone number (this should be a number that is not the same of the pass 
- Scan and attach proof of residency -
    This could be a driver's license with your Westador address
    OR a utility bill with your Westador address along with your driver's license
Volunteers will be on site at the Nanes' pool on opening day from Noon to 3 PM to issue passes.
PLEASE NOTE: A Release & Waiver Form MUST be completed before your passes will be released.  The form is downloadable HERE and you can bring with you to pick up, or a copy will be provided to fill out at pick-up.

Three Year Passes
This year, we will be issuing 3 year pool passes if you qualify.   
You may apply again if you have misplaced your previously issued 3 year pass.  If you already have a 3 year pass that hasn't expired, it is still valid and there is no need to reapply.
The applicant must be a resident of Westador.
A record of 3 years of full payment of maintenance fees by the homeowner before the February 1 past due date qualifies the resident for a 3 year pass.  Also, there can be no deed restriction administrative fees within the 3 year period other than charges waived.
*Evidence that payments of maintenance fees were timely paid will be considered for waiving the payment record requirement. 
Pool Phones
Nanes - 281-580-2597
Cali   -  281-580-2577
1. Lifeguards have ultimate responsibility for the pool area.
2. A parent or guardian must be with-in arms reach of children who are unable to swim, regardless of any flotation devices in use.
3. No running or rough play.
4. No diving in shallow end.
5. Parents/Guardians, not Lifeguards, are responsible for supervision of the baby pool.
6. No smoking, eating, or drinking in the pool. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages.
7. All trash must be placed in trash containers.
8. Only approved pool/swimming wear is allowed to be worn in pools.
9. Please observe all posted rules for use of slides.
1. No Children allowed in baby pool until lifeguard is on duty.
2. Only children (5) and younger are allowed in baby pool.
3. Swim diapers must be worn at all times.
4. No jumping or running in or around the baby pool.
5. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children.
1. No swimming in deep end while diving board is open
2. Only 1 person on the diving board, slide, or ladders at a time.
3. No diving or sliding until the landing area is clear.
4. No flips, handstands, or inward dives allowed.
5. No wearing water wings, floaties, goggles, fins, or masks while diving.
6. No running off the diving board. 7. No hanging or sitting on the diving board.