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 Revised October 12, 2021
A Quick Guide To Governance, Activities, & Services
The Westador Municipal Utility District is a governmental agency and a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized and operating under the provisions of Chapters 49 & 54 of the Texas Water Code.
The District is empowered to finance, construct, provide, operate, and maintain:

     ï¬ Water supply and distribution facilities
     ï¬ Wastewater collection and treatment facilities
     ï¬ Storm drainage facilities; maintenance of storm drainage facilities is a joint responsibility of Harris County Precinct 4 and Harris County Flood Control
Westador MUD is a member of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) which oversees the use of surface water supplied by the City of Houston to water districts in northwest Harris County.
The District was established in 1969 to serve a heavily wooded, unique cul-de-sac community of custom-built homes, and commercial customers.
Westador Municipal Utility District is dedicated to providing high quality potable water and wastewater service to its customers including the management of current and future assets, operations, construction projects, and long term strategic planning. The District is managed by an elected Board of Directors which establishes policies and directs the activities of its consultants in the areas of operations, engineering, legal, tax collecting and financial matters to achieve the objectives which assure mission fulfillment.

The District is located in northern Harris County, approximately one mile west of Interstate Highway 45, bounded on the south by FM 1960, on the north by Cypress Creek, on the east by Moss Forest Drive, and on the west by Bamwood Street. These east and west boundary streets are out of the district as are portions of Red Oak Drive.
Residential homes are divided into a "west" section along Nanes Drive and an "east" section along Cali Drive with some commercial development along FM 1960 and Red Oak Drive.


Households served: 699 Westador single family homes.
Businesses served:
     • Northwest Medical Center Hospital, a dominant health care facility
        in Northwest Harris County.
     • Outpatient Surgical Hospitals
     • Lone Star College Nursing Education Center
     • Psychiatric and Rehabilitation hospitals.
     • Nursing homes.
     • Professional medical office buildings
     • Seven apartment / condominium complexes.  (886 units)
     • Pre-school and daycare facilities.
     • Bammel Elementary School.
     • US Post Office.
     • Four strip shopping centers.
     • Restaurants and other retail establishments.
The Board meets at 6:30 PM every third Tuesday at the Nanes Clubhouse  The meeting agenda is posted in front of the clubhouse for three days prior to each meeting.  Meetings are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act.  Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings. A five-minute period for public comments is scheduled at the start of each meeting.  Registered voters of the district elect board members to four-year terms.
Many customer questions and concerns can be handled directly and quickly by calling:
281-353-9756, the customer service number for H20 Innovation, the operator of Westador’s water and sewer systems.
The Westador MUD Board regularly describes its major activities and results in the WCA website and also uses the WCA Email Alert System to quickly notify/inform its customers. After customers provide E-mail addresses to WCA they automatically receive these messages.

The District’s customers are supplied approximately 350,000,000 gallons of water per year.
About 80% of Westador’s water is surface water from Lake Houston and is managed under the regulatory authority of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority  (NHCRWA) that is supplied by the City of Houston. The entire area is regulated by NHCRWA which is required to acquire 30% of its water supplies from surface water until 2025 when 60% surface water is required as mandated by the Harris - Galveston Subsidence District.
The District will continue to use its newest plant at 17741 ½ Red Oak while cooperating with the varying demand requirements of NHCRWA. This facility includes a groundwater well, two 500,000-gallon ground storage tanks and a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank. The well is capable of delivering 1500 gallons per minute to supplement surface water supplies with ground water particularly during high demand summer months.
The District also owns two water plants no longer in service at 17703 Cali Drive and 1131 Abana Lane. They are “off line” since conversion to surface water and are not used for normal operations.
Primary water mains are located along the west sides of Nanes and Cali with branches down one side of each residential street to deliver water to a meter at the front of each lot where MUD ownership stops.  Fireplugs are on these mains.
Wastewater:  Most wastewater gathering lines are located at the backs of the residential lots.  Wastewater flows by gravity, assisted by a small lift station at 17740 ½ Cali Drive, to the wastewater mains. These mains are located under the east sidewalks of Nanes and Cali and connect to the lift station located at 1126 Belaya. This station pumps all Westador wastewater to the Ponderosa Joint Powers Agency treatment plant located at 17940 Butte Creek Drive on the northern edge of the Ponderosa subdivision.  This plant is owned by Westador and six other nearby utility districts.  Westador MUD owns 900,000 gallons per day capacity in the plant, which is sufficient to serve its current and projected needs.
Drainage:  Storm water drains along the street gutters to drop inlets leading to the storm water mains under the west sidewalks of Nanes and Cali and on to Cypress Creek. Drainage from Cali is in pipes all the way to the creek, while that from Nanes goes first to the open ditch north of Maranon and along the eastern edge of the 1000 blocks of the streets north of Maranon. Red Oak Drive drains to Cypress Creek. 
Westador MUD is a charter member of “The Green Medians Coalition”. Our district cooperates with several other districts along Cypress Creek Parkway (FM 1960) to maintain plants & shrubbery in the district’s area along FM 1960.
All real estate is appraised by the Harris County Appraisal District which also bills taxes.
Each fall, the District’s and financial consutants review the District's finances and advises the Board regarding the levy of property tax. The Board establishes each year’s MUD tax rate based on those recommendations. These rates apply to all customers within the District’s jurisdictional boundaries. Customers outside the District’s boundaries are charged a fee in lieu of tax comparable to this tax rate.
Results of the annual review of Tax Rates per $100 assessed valuation are shown in the table below. This approach has resulted in some of the lowest rates in North Harris County.
                    TAX YEAR       TAX RATE
                        2020            0.1690
                        2019            0.1700                       
                        2018            0.1700
                        2017            0.1700
                        2016            0.1700                   
                        2015            0.1700
                        2014            0.1700   
                        2013            0.1725
                        2012            0.1725
                        2011            0.1650
                        2010            0.1650
                        2009            0.1450
                        2008            0.1600
                        2007            0.2100
                        2006            0.2500
                        2005            0.2500
                        2004            0.2500
                        2003            0.2500
                        2002            0.2770
                        2001            0.2960
                        2000            0.3000

Westador MUD Tax Rates Among Lowest In Harris County
Westador MUD Board of Directors
Richard C. Murphy President    
David Borengasser Vice President    
Brian Mackey
Phil Hatley      

Attorney – Schwartz, Page & Harding, L. L. P.
Brian Mackey 713-402-1604

Bookkeeper – Municipal Accounts & Consulting, L. P.
Adam Charanza 936-756-1644

Engineer – Jones & Carter, Inc.
Robert Dazey 713-777-5337

Operator - H20 Innovation
Robin Secrest 281-353-9809

Tax Collector – Equi-Tax Inc.
Pat Hall          281-444-4866


Everything You Need To Know About Your  Water Bill
Questions – Call H20 Innovation 281-353-9756
How much do I  pay for water?  By far the largest charge is $4.70 per 1000 gallons that simply recoups the charges made to Westador MUD by the "Northwest Harris County Regional Water Authority" for both the surface water and the well water that we use.  The NHCRWA uses these monies to  pay for the pipes, pumps, tanks, etc. and part of the water purification plant that are required to replace our traditional use of well water with surface water from Lake Houston.  This is required by law to stop the unacceptable subsidence of this general area.
Residential Customers
Gallons Used                                                                                    Amount Per 1000 Gallons
0 - 5,000 $8.25
5,001 - 20,000 $0.84
20,001 - 50,000 $1.18
50,001 & Over $1.77
Commercial & Apartment (Per Unit) Customers
Gallons Used                                                                                        Amount Per 1,000 Gallons
0 - 5,000 $13.00
5001 - 20,000 $  1.00
20,001 - 50,000 $  1.30
50,001 & Over $  1.77
Residential Sewer Charges
Flat Fee - Includes Trash Pick Up            $37.43
Commercial & Apartment (Per Unit) Sewer Charges
0 - 10,000 Gallons                                                                         Minimum $21.30
10,001 & Over Gallons $1.93 Per 1,000 Gallons

H20 Innovation reads your water meter to determine gallons used on, or about, the 15th of each month. Water bills are due on the 20th of each month. Bills paid after the 20th of the month include a 10% penalty. A bill unpaid by the 15th of the next month results in a delinquent / door hanger notice placed on your door at a charge of $10.00. If still unpaid a week later, your water service will be cut off at a charge of $50.00 for residential and $250 for commercial. 
Required Deposits
Residential Connections - Owner $150.00
Residential Connections - Renter
Additional Deposit - After Cutoff & Reconnection
Maximum Deposit $1,000.00
Other Fees
Grease Trap $20.00
Application For Service                                       $30.00
Returned Payments - Checks & Others $30.00
Residential Cutoff & Reconnect for Non Payment $50.00
Commercial Cutoff & Reconnect for Non Payment
Door hanger
Security Fee (COmmercial Only) (1 Per Commercial Account) $12.50