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Westador is home to veterans from almost every branch of service.  Some residents are on active duty now.
Nana Midcap is the daughter of Marvin Yarotsky, a World War II veteran and a Westador resident.  Several years ago, she organized a Veterans Reception and Dinner which has become an annual event.
The reception honors veterans and persons on active duty with patriotic songs, displays of military paraphernalia, posters made by Westador's youth, flags, honor guards, and more.  Tattered and worn flags are collected to be properly disposed by a local boy scout troop.
The dinner is comprised of "pot luck" dishes furnished by volunteers complete with a special cake.
The Hearts Museum of Texas in Huntsville is Helping Every American Remember Through Serving.  Visit their website H.E.A.R.T.S. then visit the museum.
Wreaths Across America conducts Wreath Laying Ceremonies nationwide.  In Houston the ceremony is at Houston National Cemetery 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive.  Visit their website for more information about dates and locations of the ceremonies.
Longtime Westador resident is interviewed on the Witness to War site.  Click to view Casey's "War Stories".
Following is a listing of the known veterans presently living in Westador.  Others not listed are encouraged to E-Mail Westador@GMail.Com to be added to the list.
Westador's Veterans
Veteran Branch Service Years
Bruce Bates Navy 1968-1977
Mathew Cordero
Army 2005-2012
Joe Dailey Army 1657-1964
John Danner Army 1960-1961
Frank Dea Air Force 1974-1976
Dan Dronberger Army 1956-1958
Bill Drout Army Reserves 1989-1999
Rebekah Every Air Force 2003-2009
Gene Gugel Army 1954-1956
Drew Hardin Marines 2004-2012
Mike Harris Army 1977-1988
Gordon Landwermeyer Army 1951-1953
Javiar Leon Army and Army Reserves 2004-2008 and Present
Guillermo Lopes Marines  
Mark Maddox Army and National Guard 1986-1989 and 1989-2001
Skip Midcap Army 1978-1984
David Miller Marines  
Dick Odehnal Army 1945-1947
Bob Otto Navy and Air Force 1945-1968
William Rainey Marines 1942-1944
Rigues Reynard Army and Air Force 1996-2006
Andy Samarripa Army 1969-1973
Bill Streidl Army 1952-1954
Greg Weger Army and National Guard 1978-1990
Casey Westell Navy Air Corp 1944-1946
Frank Wilfred Marines 1981-1987
Maurice Williamson Navy 1948-1950
Marvin Yarotsky Army 1944-1946