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Ponderosa Fire Department (PFD) Round Up
During an emergency, you do not have time to ask questions, and you do whatever is necessary to correct the situation.  If you are sick or injured you call an ambulance. If you are robbed or assaulted you call the police.  If you have a fire, you naturally call the fire department.  As a matter of fact, people call the fire department for many other reasons besides just fires.  When there is a crisis, the Ponderosa Fire Department is there for you.  There is a saying in the fire service that when people need help for anything they call the fire department. 
Many people are also curious about the basic background of their community based fire department.  The Ponderosa FD is a 75 member primarily volunteer fire department.  The paid staff and volunteers are at three fire stations, Ponderosa, Cypressdale, and Northview in a 13 square mile area.  The fire chief directs the department's operations in conjunction with five command officers.  All volunteers are in constant communications with the Cypress Creek EMS dispatch center via radio pager.  Four personnel from a pool of firefighters assist the force and are paid an hourly rate Monday through Friday, and there are fifteen full time personnel 24/7.  Our volunteers also staff the headquarters station every night.  Currently, HQ and the Northview fire station are staffed with paid personnel.
Visit our website.
     Items accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste facility include, but are not limited to household cleaners, yard/automobile products, pool chemicals, paint and paint related products, batteries, tires, items containing mercury (such as mercury thermometers, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), and fluorescent tubes), aerosols, and small and BBQ size propane cylinders.
     The Facility does NOT accept the following items: electronics, traditional recyclables (paper, cans, plastic), any items used for business purposes, medical and biological waste, explosives (including ammunition and firecrackers), compressed gas cylinders, radioactive waste (including smoke detectors), household appliances such as washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, heavy trash or household trash.  You can go to Earth911.com to find a location where you can properly dispose of these items.
CCFCC is pleased to announce the return of its newsletter "Look Upstream".  Click on Look Upstream to view the latest issue and other information about the Cypress Creek watershed.
The Harris County Animal Control (HCAC) is located at 612 Canino Road, Houston, Texas  77076 (281-999-3191).  
Found pets are available to be viewed at their site.  In addition, the HCAC makes qualified pets available for adoption.
Most found pets are without identification.   As a minimum, a collar with tag is recommended.  Recently the HCAC introduced "Microchip Madness" whereby pets may be microchipped for only $15.00.  Once a pet is microchipped, it can be taken almost any veterinarian where the chip can be scanned and the owner located.  Contact the HCAC for more details.
Helpful information about the procedures for dealing with dangerous dogs is on the site.
Westador Security Alerts - (713) 267-1366